Buy homes and properties like a Pro

The process of securing a new home or property can be very tedious, requiring huge amount of effort, time and money, and not to talk of the ease of getting defrauded when you're so naive, trusting too much and not taking some witty precautions.To help mitigate or completely remove all these difficulties, here are seven necessary steps to be taken:Research LocationsOnce the taug..

What I can do with my Kin

Our I SABI challenge has come to an end, $kin digital currency distributed and cash gift / rechargeable fans awarded the top Tens base on preference.In total, we had up to 208 participants and we want to say thank you for being a part of the campaign.We look forward to rolling our more of these in times to come, so to stay up to date on AgentsCove follow us on twitter..

Technologies now changing how we Buy Sell and Invest

Times has proven technology to be the core for every great achievement. We've seen how technological advancements are shaping the way education and information are now distributed, how industries are growing strongly, delivering remarkable and innovation products, and real estate is already catching up with this growing trend. This is obvious in the new ways we buy, sell a..

AgentsCove Bounty: Rules

Bounty HuntAgentsCove I Sabi Challenge is a Bounty Hunt program, focused on rewarding users with a digital currency and gifts in relation to how many people they can introduce the platform to via referrals.Users are rewarded "point-based" measured by accounting their number of referrals and by following on social media. Participation will be carried in two folds:First will be done for 2 week, thro..

Report for 2019

Its Only a year and AgentsCove has accomplished quite much:A fully-fledged platform has been setup for connecting real-estate markets in Nigeria.Readiness of the platform's mobile applications: Android appTremendous privilege working with the Kin ecosystem to promote AgentsCove brand and help provide awareness about Kin and the blockchain ecosystemFull implementation of th..

Real Estate Technology

DefinitionReal Estate Technology entails the application of Information technology (ICT) and the economic and social activities facilitated by platforms in the real estate markets. Real estate technology can be referred to as Property Technology or Proptech in short. OverviewReal estate technology tends to facilitate activities in real estate market by providing a more eff..

AgentsCove: Introduction

AgentsCove is a real estate intermediary platform using technology to make property acquisition easy, safe and assuring. It is a hub connecting real estate agents, property owners or just about anyone interest in selling or leasing property - in part or whole - to individuals who might be interested in them. The Services we offer is geared towards attempting to offset the issues and fear..