Home and Security – Staying safe in the lockdown

A home conveys a sense of comfort, peace and more importantly security. Once the house security is breached, confidence is eroded alongside. Looking into house security has not come in a better time than now in the lockdown, resulting from a viral disease that has caused a lot of menace all around the globe – the economy is stalled, so many peopled are laid off from their jobs leading to many havi..

Coping with Covid-19 Pandemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) on the 11th of match, 2020 declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic – a worldwide disease spread. This disease was first discovered in Wuhan China in 2019 and has ever since spread to every part of the globe, destroying lives and livelihoods. In regards to these, virtual all countries has adopted a ‘SIT-AT-HOME’ approach to help reduce the spread of the disease. H..

Blockchain and Real Estate

In a traditional real estate setting buying and selling involves dealing with intermediaries like brokers, agents and banks with lots of paper works and settlements for a property, and with this comes a lot of short coming like higher processing costs due to the middle men, slow rate of processing transactions, intimidating cost of investment for an average Joe and lack of liquidity and transparen..

VR and Real Estate

What is a Virtual Reality, VR?VR is a simulation of a real life environment and experiences for educational, entertainment, medical and/or military purposes. They can include sounds and video feedbacks and with its headset a person can look around, move around and interact in the virtual or artificial environment. To get a fuller and more immersive experience with VR, a user must have the VR heads..

Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate

What is AIArtificial Intelligence is a sophisticated machine learning involving the study of real-time and high volume streams of data. The aim here is to refine, automate and amplify the everyday human functions.AI can operate with little to zero human interaction, however, the slight human involvement goes to perfecting an AI operation, thus are more preferred to zero human interaction at the cu..

Energy efficient home for cheaper bills

You might have noticed the rules surrounding the use of light household utilities at home. Dad says - "don't use the electric cooker without my permission", and Mum says - "Go do your laundry outside and stop wasting energy with my washing machine or Never leave the light bulbs on during the day" and there you sat wondering.. is light not meant to be used? What’s all this fuss about..

Guide to selling houses and properties

Processes involved in selling a house can be very chaotic and difficulty without a clear path to take. For this reason, we‘ll be outlining the important steps to take when getting ready to sale a property like house.Selling a house can be done personally, or through the help of a real estate agent and for each case, they both have their pros and cons. For instance, selling a house on your own can ..