A real estate agent is one that brokers property deals on behalf of a property owner and in return is paid commission once a property trade is completed. Being a great realtor takes some level of professionalism and general self-awareness since it’s a public service, and one that can also be fraught with suspicions and distrust due to all sorts of crimes and scams that arise in its regards. We will now discuss some of these subtle features that help to mark a very successful real estate agent and which must be watched out for.


AS a real estate agent, first impression is vital to winning a client over.  A successful real estate agent will always stay professional at all times. To accomplish this, special care must be given to general appearance, clean outlooks and simple but professional dressings. This way, the agent is able to convey seriousness, adulthood, trustworthiness and responsibility before any potential customer.


Successful agents always keep their affairs in order. They will have a legitimate office location for the easy finding, time-tables for meeting and touring with potential property owner or buyers etc. Successive agents will schedule property touring with different clients and see to it failure never comes from their end.


Networking is a crucial aspect in all businesses, and real estate brokerage is not different. One single agent may have available properties but no ready buyer within range; while another agent within same network will have buyers inquiring for properties in the location the prior agent has a property available in. This way the combined effort of agents within a network will thus bring a business success rate that that is at least 2 times better than solo or individually working agent.


Like any public service worker, agents are exposed to different type of personalities and people with different ideologies than theirs. Having this in mind, an agent must not be forceful, easily irritated and should remain humble and tolerant as it is always said, “a customers are always right”. It is the Job of an agent to advice, and the job of the buyer or client to accept them, nothing more.

Sincerity & Good etiquette

Approach exhibited towards a client is very important toward wining them over to your side as an agent. Successful agents try to have honest respect for client and their opinions. They exhibit their services with high level of honesty and sincerity. The client notices this and decisively put all faith in the agent. In addition, whether everything goes well with the transaction or not, this practice increases the agent’s referral circle due to many clients recommending them to friends and relations.

Always on time

Successful real estate agents know the importance of time, and will never be late to an appointment they schedule for clients for touring or inquiries. This is a great way attract positive reviews from the clients. This is especially important since some clients have managed to squeeze out their time from work schedules to make it for the meet-up and so may not have much power over their time. 

Responsibility for clients

In some instances, once a deal is closed on a property transaction, the agent literally disappears and becomes unresponsive to the reaching out of the client that may arise due to one or more issues. However, this ends up hurting the agent indirectly since these clients have a referral power that either make or break the business of the agent.  A successful agent sees to it the client is satisfied and provide clarifications and advice even after a property deal has been secured successfully. This way, they maintain good repute before the client, gain good reviews and get to keep a potential referrals source.