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A real estate agent is one that brokers property deals on behalf of a property owner and in return is paid commission once a property trade is completed. Being a great realtor takes some level of professionalism and general self-awareness since it’s a public service, and one that can also be fraught with suspicions and distrust due to all sorts of crimes and scams that arise in its regards. We wil..

Presale Properties and what you need to know

Pre-sale in property markets are great avenues investors and buyers can acquire a property at a really great prices. It is an opportunity to amass huge wealth since the property can appreciates in value by the time the project is completed and even beyond. However, because presale buyers are early investors, it has its own risk which is largely due to the unpredictability of the market.What are pr..

Telltale signs of an overpriced property

A house might be big, well-furnished, adorned and readied for sale, but there is one thing that will always stand out in the eyes of the buyer and it is the price. Pricing is a crucial aspect of property marketing. When the price of a property is well researched and place from the very start, the rest of the sale journey is always bliss and smooth. Otherwise, it may end up being a very discomforti..


Getting the right pricing for a home is one of the toughest aspects of a real estate business transaction. There is always the desire to not underprice and to maximize profit in every possible way when intending to sell a home or any property. However, what then happens afterwards is that the property sits for a long time, weeks or months, getting little to zero attention and may cause the owner t..

Owning vs Renting a Home

There has been a considerable amount of debate on whether it is better to buy a house or rent one. However, the answer will vary depending on various factors like demography, work and lifestyle, neighborhood, affordability etc. Below we enlist some of the pros and cons on both sides to help in decision making.RentingHouse renting involves making payment to live in a house. It is a very flexible op..

Tips to removing bad odor from the house

Good scent from the inside of a house tends to edge out its beauty and high-end luxury. House odor can make or break the love visitors may have for your home no matter how beautiful or big it may be. House inhabitants can easily get accustomed or eventual become insensitive to how a home smells and so are not able to distinguish whether it has good or bad odor. Hence, it is important that active e..

Leading causes of house fires and how to prevent them

House fire is one of the leading causes of death and overnight poverty around the globe. Fire needs 3 necessary ingredients to prevail - heat, oxygen and a combustible material. These set of ingredients are not lacking in any environment, and they abound especially in homes. The costs associated with houses fires are remarkably huge and going through an insurance body involves costly and complicat..